Meet Elysia Root

Meet Elysia

Elysia-Root-Cakes-300x450Elysia Root Cakes grew out of Elysia Root’s desire to create uniquely beautiful and delicious cake, cupcakes and cookies. Having planned her own wedding, Elysia knows how important every detail is in making every couple’s perfect wedding day a reality, from the invitations, the flowers to….of course the wedding cake!

Elysia specializes in creating exquisite and artisan sugar flower décor that results in an unforgettable keepsake and showcases each couple’s wedding style. Everything for your reception should be a reflection of who you both are – your guests are there to celebrate you and your marriage and you are creating an experience to share with your guests with your selections of the venue, décor, flowers, cake etc. A wedding is more memorable when everything is “favorites” of the couple and that absolutely applies to the flavor of the cake! Like the outside of the cake, the inside can be just as customized and we love working with our clients to create a scrumptious cake that tastes as good as it looks!

Elysia believes that each wedding cake that she and her team creates should be always couture, always custom, and always uniquely you! Often the cake is the last impression of the reception, make it a reflection of who you both are!

Before launching Elysia Root Cakes, Elysia who has her B.S. in Business from the University of Illinois and a M.B.A. in Strategic Management and Marketing Management from the University of Chicago, worked in the Insurance industry for 10 years in various roles. Cake decorating began as a fun hobby for Elysia in 2010 and she enjoyed making cake creations for her family, friends, and colleagues.

Elysia received her formal training in the pastry arts at The French Pastry School in Chicago where she attended L’art du Gâteau and studied with Chefs and Master Cake Artists Nicholas Lodge, Mark Seaman, and Kristin Ryan, as well as Chefs and World Pastry Champions Scott Green and Joshua Jackson. Elysia has continued to refine her skills by taking additional classes from some of the world’s best sugar and cake artists including Nicholas Lodge, Ron Ben-Israel, Mark Seaman, Susan Carberry, Lauren Kitchens, Mike McCarey, Courtney Clark, Debbie Brown, Marina Sousa, Rick Reichart, Jacqueline Butler, Kaysie Lackey, and Alexandria Pellegrino.