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Custom Cake Spotlight: Bodybuilder Groom’s Cake and Blooming Wedding Cake

We absolutely love it when couples ask us to create not one, but two unique cakes for their wedding celebrations. Lauren and Lee, who got married last summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art, had a fun and personal groom’s cake as well as a gorgeous, four tier wedding cake. Kesh Events did a fantastic job planning their beautiful event. Thank you to Carasco Photography for sharing these lovely images of the couple and their two cakes below!

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0715

Lauren and Lee’s fun personalities really shone through the groom’s cake. The two of them love working on their fitness together, so Lauren thought she’d display that in the form of a surprise groom’s cake for Lee. The cake itself took the form of two stacked weight plates, and standing in front of it was Lauren’s fondant figurine holding up Lee’s. Too cute – girl power!

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0713

Lee’s groom’s cake was a yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream.

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0711

Their wedding cake took on a completely different style – it was a beautiful, four tier cake with a large open fondant garden rose.

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0714

The flavors included almond and chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and turtle filling.

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0712

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0716

Having a groom’s cake in addition to your wedding cake is a great way to really inject your and your fiance’s personality into the decor. If you have a unique idea in mind for a groom’s cake (or wedding cake) , give us a call at 312-344-1046 or email us today!

Custom Cake Spotlight: Six Tier Wedding Cake at the Shedd Aquarium

Elizabeth and Joe tied the knot last year at St. Chrysostom’s Church, and then celebrated in a way that was especially personal to the bride. Elizabeth is an animal trainer at the Shedd Aquarium who works with the Beluga whales there, so it was only fitting that the couple held their reception at the Shedd! Their wedding cake was adorably fitting – it was a six tier round buttercream cake with alternating aegean opal fondant ribbon and fondant whales around the base of each tier. I’m not sure what their honeymoon plans were but I know for a fact it would have involved something like going whale watching california has plenty of boats that take people out to see them, so maybe that was their destination.One really cute moment of their wedding was when Elizabeth’s coworkers surprised guests by putting on an animal show amidst the celebration. So sweet!

Take a look at Elizabeth and Joe’s adorable wedding photos by Allison Ragsdale Photography below.

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0624

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0625

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0626

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0622

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0629

Elizabeth and Joe had two different flavor options in their wedding cake: vanilla bean cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla bean buttercream, and chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate buttercream. These are great standard flavors with a yummy twist of cream cheese.

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0630

Elysia Root Cakes Best Wedding Cakes Chicago_0631

Laura Hayes from Anticipation Events was their wedding coordinator and helped their wedding go off without a hitch! Other vendors involved were The Flower Firm, Windy City Limousine, and Crossfader King.

If you plan on having a unique theme at your wedding, we’d love to hear your ideas for the wedding cake design! We specialize in creating custom cakes that will add a lovely detail to the event decor. Call (312-344-1046) or email us today to set up an initial cake consultation.

Meet the Elysia Root Cakes Team: Stephanie Pavlovcik

Stephanie Pavlovcik, our office assistant (and professional cake taster) joined the Elysia Root Cakes team in March of this year. She is a Chicago native who graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2011, with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. After graduation, Stephanie came back to Chicago to jumpstart her professional career. She found herself on the logistical side of a corporate events company, and a couple of years later, decided that she wanted to steer herself in a different direction. Cue the (eco-friendly!) wedding industry. Stephanie currently works with a few different members of the Green Wedding AllianceNaturally Yours Events, Spilled Ink Press, and of course, Elysia Root Cakes. Get to learn a little bit more about Stephanie below!


What is your favorite part about weddings and why? I am a complete romantic. So, my favorite part about weddings has to be the fact that it’s a special day dedicated to celebrating a couple’s love for one another, and the true beginning of their life as a single unit. I think weddings are a beautiful thing, especially when it’s very clear that these two people truly belong together. I cry at almost every wedding I attend (including the ones I work) – I can’t help it! I’m a softy!

What’s your favorite cake flavor? Working at Elysia Root Cakes has completely redefined the meaning of “delicious cake” for me- every single bite has been outrageously yummy. I’ve recently decided that chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream is my absolute favorite!




What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now? Working in such a wonderful and creative industry, the fact that it’s almost summer, the wonderful people in my life (family, BFFs and boyfriend), watching my houseplants grow, and PIZZA.

What is your dream job, and why? My dream job would be creating and running my own music festival. I am a live music fanatic, so I would love to book and host all of my favorite bands in one outdoor festival.


What is your greatest pet peeve? When people hate what they’re doing with their everyday lives and do nothing to change it. There is no dress rehearsal in life- this is it! In my humble opinion, achieving everyday happiness should be at the top of everyone’s priority lists.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it? My superpower would be the ability to teleport. I love Chicago, but I also love to travel and being in nature. Any time I’d begin to feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced city life of Chicago, I would teleport to a Costa Rican rain forest or to a desolate beach in Hawaii or Fiji. I also just love Europe and I’d make sure to have a weekly lunch in Prague (where I lived for four months in 2010).